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Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park extends to you a very cordial welcome. We are thrilled to have you here, in Tarangire, and we appreciate for trusting us.

Whether you are visiting here for a day trip or having an overnight, Tarangire has something for everyone.

The Tarangite National Park is impressively splendid for its famous concentration of wild animals especially the elephants and it is also one of the finest birding destinations in East Africa.

The name of the park originates from the Tarangire River that crosses the park and covers an area of 2850 km 2.

Climate of Tarangire

The park has a bimodal rainfall with short rains starting from November to December, long rains from March to May and dry season from June to October and January to February.

The park is located at an altitude between 900m and 1250meters with annual average rainfall ranging from 650 to 700mm.


The park has remarkable attractions with large groups of Elephants, spectacular natural beauty of savanna landscape and magnificent majestic Baobabs.

Over 550 different bird species have been recorded in the park, of which several are threatened or endemic.

The Park is noted as a safari destination for its large concentration of wildlife population.

Animals like elephants, eland, giraffe, lions, buffalo, cheetah, leopards and zebra are easily spotted when you are in fourwheel drive.

Birds of Tarangire

Enjoy spotting a large batch of colorful and exclusive bird species.

Over 500 different species are housed with swamps that are spread all over Tarangire.

This makes an area to be amazing destination for bird lovers.

One wouldn’t mind to see breeding species of birds found in this park than anywhere else on the planet. Plan your trip!

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