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Tanzania Trekking Adventure

The world knows that, Tanzania’s famous mountain and also the highest mountain in Africa is Mt. Kilimanjaro with its peak at 5,895 m and extraordinary trekking routes.

There are six official climbing routes to the top and trekking duration vary from five to ten days.

We specialize in all of the six routes: Marangu, Machame, Lemosho, Rongai, Umbwe and Shira.

Less known but just as attractive as Mt Kilimanjaro is its neighbouring Mt. Meru which is located in the Arusha National Park.

Mt Meru’s peak rises to a height of 4,566 m and is only 80 km away from Mt Kilimanjaro.

The mountain slopes offer natural shelter to numerous animal species such as elephants, buffaloes, giraffes, baboons, colobus monkeys and antelopes, making your trek an adventurous one.

Other attractive mountain in northern Tanzania is Mt Ol Doinyo Lengai (2,878 m).


The trek up Kilimanjaro is probably the most popular high altitude trek in the world. The reason for Kilimanjaro’s popularity is obvious: It is the highest mountain in the world that you can simply walk up. You need no ropes, no special climbing equipment, no previous experience.



Mount Meru is an active volcano of 4566 metres about 70 kilometres west of Mount Kilimanjaro and our trek is six days to reach the summit and come back. It is an excellent standalone trip or a prequel to climbing Kilimanjaro itself.



Ol Doinyo Lengai is also known as the “Mountain of God” by the Maasai. They believe that the mountain increases fertility and they advise women who have difficulty conceiving to visit. The trek up to the crater is an exceptionally demanding climb of around 1700m (5600 ft).